Sunday, 17 April 2016

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People who inspire us

Elena's interview is on our Facebook page here

- How did you meet Elena?
Iva: I met Elena on the ocassion of an international seminar Empowering Youth To Become Social Innovators” in Brno. She held an animation workshop that we went to.

- Where did it happen?
Iva: The workshop was held in a local movie theatre called KinoArt in Brno. They have a film club, Gallery Art, Cafe Art and a special workshop about animation there.

- What was your first impression?
Iva: I thought she was a person of my age. She seemed very shy.

- What did you find interesting?
Iva: For me the most interesting moment probably was when she spoke about her work with children and described their process of creating an animation – unlike grown-ups they have no borders and don't care about unimportant things. They just care about the best way to share their ideas.

- What did you think at the end of the talk?
Iva: During the workshop we were (unfortunately) too busy with making animations, so there wasn’t enough time for a chat with Elena. Anyway, I was still very happy to meet someone like her and I think, that every person who completes this course lead by her falls in love with animation and starts to understand its importance in the world of communication.

This blog is a part of the project Empowering Youth To Become Social Innovators, realised under the Erasmus+ partnership programme. The project is coordinated by a Czech NGO DYNAMA, z.s., seated in Brno and an Estonian NGO Youth Club Active, seated in Tallinn. This project contributes to the development of non formal learning of the youth.

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