Monday, 23 May 2016

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Explaining what social innovation means to us through animation

You can check our animations on our Vimeo or Facebook page

During the animation workshop with Kinoskola we were divided into two groups and everybody in the group decided what they were going to film. The topic was social innovation. Basically we had to make a video, that would explain what social innovation means to us. So we ended up with two beautiful animations which are on our Vimeo account and Facebook page.  

What I love about art is that most of the time you don’t know what the author meant to say by making it. Everybody who observes the piece has different associations with colours and objects, everybody uses their imagination and it makes them think about things they wouldn’t expect, and come up with ideas they wouldn't come to their minds without being inspired by art. This, in my opinion, applies more to modern art which is more abstract. That’s great, right? Because the author doesn’t just create something beautiful, she/he makes the people THINK and produce something of their own - an IDEA. 

Graffiti is a modern form of art. Not acknowledged by everybody yet, though! Since it’s on the streets it’s the best way to get art to the public - it’s always out there. One of the most known graffiti artist is probably Banksy. He is an England based artist, political activist and nobody knows who he really is. Graffiti is against the law in many countries, so he uses a nickname to sign his works. I wouldn’t like to speak for him and write what I think he wanted to say with his work. I rather want to show some of it, that speaks for itself.

When our workshop groups faced the task of making an animation or a short video explaining what social innovation means to them, one of them decided the best way to show it was in the means of graffiti. Graffiti is a young form of art and even though not everybody is in love with it, it helps to express a message. So our group got right to it and made this awesome video! What do you think these young animation amateurs wanted to say? As the authors, we would like to drag your attention to the principle we wanted to share with you through this video: when everybody comes and adds something of their own - that’s how a great idea evolves! That’s exactly what Social Innovation is to us - modern, outgoing and solving a problem. But to solve a problem you have to put your minds together!

What was your first idea, when you saw our video? Maybe just like graffiti and other forms of art it made you think about something else? Maybe you came up with a social innovation already? We are waiting for you input!

- Polly

This blog is a part of the project Empowering Youth To Become Social Innovators, realised under the Erasmus+ partnership programme. The project is coordinated by a Czech NGO DYNAMA, z.s., seated in Brno and an Estonian NGO Youth Club Active, seated in Tallinn. This project contributes to the development of non formal learning of the youth.

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