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Visiting to business school 

Hello everyone!

In this post we will tell you about our visit to the Business school. Three of our members from the Estonian group presented our organisation "Youth Club Active" and our Social Innovation to youngsters from 12 to 16 years old. We told about our main aim and our main idea, about results that we already have and our future plans. We are presenting our project for it's dissemination in Estonia. And as the practice shows, the best way to do it is to spread information through youngsters and children. 

        We do this through the non-formal way of learning. Non-formal learning is now a welcome method of teaching and many organization's and a few schools practice it. Its NON-formal as we have no actual teachers, nor marks, and we do not have to do it, this method is non-compulsory. We choose if we want to make notes or we don't. After our training course we get quite good feedback and sometimes people get really motivated by this idea and they follow our FB page and our Blog. Thanks to these presentations and our project's training course we realise, that we are on the right way! And we can clearly see that our idea of Social Innovation is greatly needed nowdays and from this we get a huge amount of motivation! Step by step to realisation!

This blog is a part of the project Empowering Youth To Become Social Innovators, realised under the Erasmus+ partnership programme. The project is coordinated by a Czech NGO DYNAMA, z.s., seated in Brno and an Estonian NGO Youth Club Active, seated in Tallinn. This project contributes to the development of non formal learning of the youth.

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